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What are explainer videos and do I need one?

Explainer videos are a way of presenting and showing your company, service, product, or a perticual subject and explaining them in a way that the viewer can understand in a short video form. They are focused on the message, offering the problem, the solution and explaining all the benefits, features and processes involved in the solution. They are also known as promotional videos, overview videos or conversion videos.

These videos are a great way to explain and promote your product or service, aid your business pitch, use as an employee orientation resource or promote your brand and company.

Script ideas and video planning

Creating a perfect animated explainer video for your company relies primarily upon a well-done planning process. A great explainer video will be based on great ideas and strong wording.

We can help you plan out a clear script that will convey your message in a clear and concise manner, making a solid starting point for the animation process.

Establish your visual identity

The best animated explainer videos complement the brand they represent by using a recognizable visual identity and reinforcing your company message, image and style.  

Our customly animated videos will help your brand image come to life and visually enhance your message in a way that will make viewers want to engage with your company and care for your product.

The video creation process

After creating a working script and planning out the scenes and all of the elements, we record the voiceovers and start animating the video elements. The final part of the process is creating the composition of animation clips, synchronising them to the voiceover and adding background music that follows the tone of the video.

You are included in the process every step of the way, as we offer our ideas and visual solutions to our customers for review and always value their input. We want to ensure you get a video that you wished for and that it represents your vision in the right way.

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