Zequester LMS


Create your own course in just a few minutes!

You have an idea for an online course, but you have a limited budget? No problem! You don’t need to be a developer or shell out huge bucks to develop your own course platform.

Introducing our new product – Zequester LMS. It is a fully developed eLearning web platform/application.

Complete this unique platform yourself with the content of your courses and you will get a ready-made e-learning solution that your participants will love.


Create the ultimate eLearning experience



Brand the platform according to your logo and colors.

Change the colors and personalize the platform as you see fit.


Creating courses

Create training or courses, add your own video content.

You have the option to create a branching option for lessons, modules or topics.



Your students watched the lesson, but you’re not sure if they really learned?

Create a quiz or test and test their knowledge!



Everyone likes to brag about their progress and share their achievements with others.

Everyone who completes the course receives a personalized electronic certificate that they can share on social networks.



Content doesn’t have to be boring.

Entertain your participants with fun and let them learn and remember much more through the game.


Formiranje izveštaja

Want to know who the most successful students are? No problem!

Create report and export to excel spreadsheet and analyze.


Creating groups

Maybe not all users are at the same level, create separate groups and create a community that you can easily control.



If you need to inform users about some changes, you can send them a notification or contact them via private chat.

Zequester lms

Online learning platform

Are you bothered by the limitations of existing eLearning platforms? Want a flexible solution with ease of course creation?

Switch to a proven e-learning platform!

No code. Quick and easy. On all devices.

Satisfied clients are our best reference

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