Business planning


The business planning service helps users to find out how risky and profitable their business is and what is necessary for its successful implementation.

Through the expert guidance of our team, you can set realistic, achievable and measurable goals for a shorter and longer period of time.

Therefore, business planning includes a SWOT analysis of the situation in the market and in your company, in order to determine the strengths, weaknesses, challenges and potential threats.

Business planning

The business planning process includes several steps:


It involves a detailed analysis of where your company is currently located, which will allow us to be realistic and consistent in setting goals.

Setting goals

Defining realistic goals, how they will be achieved and measured.

Defining resources

Analysis of financing methods and necessary resources for the achievement of set business goals, in the short and long term.

Marketing planning

The set goals of the business should be accompanied by an appropriate marketing campaign in order to build the brand image and create sales conditions.

With the help of our consultants, experience and proven tools, your business idea can become a business plan.

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