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Pay-Per-Click campaigns show you at the top of Google search results when your target audience searches the Internet for terms relevant to your business. In this way, the number of visitors to your site increases, thereby increasing the volume of sales or services provided.

With our professional help, you can reach your audience with the maximum use of your budget, which results in a multiple return of the money you invest. A high ROI (return on investment) is achieved in a very short period thanks to the performance marketing strategies we implement.

Determining the objectives of the PPC campaign

The first question we start from is what you want to achieve with the help of PPC.

What result do you expect?
By setting specific and measurable PPC campaign goals, we can track results and direct further course of action to achieve business success.

The goals must be aligned with the client’s wishes and what he wants to improve in his online business. Sometimes it will be an increase in site visits, better sales, getting new users, etc. After determining the goals based on expert analysis, further marketing steps are defined – writing texts in accordance with relevant search terms, creating visuals or preparing video material.

An integral part of a PPC campaign is often the creation of a landing page, to which you direct users who click on the ad. It can be an existing page on the site or one specially created for a specific ad. It is important that the page contains selected keywords and has a well-defined structure that represents the offer you made in the ad.

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Google Ads

  • Search ads

This is the most common form of PPC advertising. It involves advertising on internet search engines, guaranteeing high positioning for selected keywords. As the most popular search engine for advertising is Google, the Google Ads platform is mainly used to place ads.

  • Display ads

These are static or animated banners with an image and text that appear on various sites. They will be shown to the visitors you specified when creating the campaign and thus remind them of the existence of your brand or to buy your products or services. This type of ad is most often used in remarketing campaigns, that is, they “follow” users who have already visited your site.

  • YouTube ads

This type of advertising allows you to be visible to your target group when they consume video content on the most popular video platform in the world.


Zequester is a Google Partner

Thanks to our expertise in this field, our advertising agency is an official Google Partner, which makes us one of the preferred marketing agencies in the region. This means that we have met all the Google conditions, which include the growth of our clients’ income as well as the successful increase of our client base.

Start making money online with expert management of PPC campaigns.

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