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Improvement of online business – from building a brand identity, to website, e-learning platform and online store development, SEO and digital marketing service and more.

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Our Services

Personalized digital solutions for your business

Depending on your needs, choose a completely personalized solution or an individual service - from detailed research, market and competition analysis, website creation and SEO, online store, e-learning platform, digital marketing and business consulting.

Web design and development

We provide website development, optimization and maintenance services using the most modern web design approaches. We will make sure that potential clients find your site, get a unique user experience and visit you again from their phones or computers.

Digital marketing

We develop a personalized marketing strategy that, along with internet advertising and building your brand on social networks, will lead to an increase in the degree of conversion and ensure a large number of visits to the website or your online store.

Business consultations

Business and marketing consulting services include professional advice from our experts tailored to your business. Thanks to detailed market research, as well as analysis and creation of a quality business and marketing plan, we will give you specific guidelines on how to run your online presence and improve your overall business.

About us

Who are we?

An experienced team of IT and marketing experts oriented towards the needs of your business.

Project development stages

Our four steps to success









Make your unique
eLearning platform

We introduce you to our new product – Zequester LMS.
It is a fully developed eLearning web platform/application.

Complete this unique platform with the content of your courses and you will get a complete eLearning solution that your participants will love.

  • Branding

  • Creation of trainings/courses

  • Lesson/module/topic branching option

  • Inserting multimedia content

  • Creating quizzes/tests

  • Online certificates

  • Gamification

  • Generating reports for user progress - CSV export

  • Creating separate groups of users

  • Independent profile personalization

  • Sending notifications and private chat

  • Timeline and news on the platform

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